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Pete and Jake

pete and jake

You misunderstood me.
Southwestern Wire

Strength, corrosion-resistance, long-life -- that's what buyers want in a chain link fabric -- and that's what Southwestern Wire delivers. Because we galvanize the wire before weaving, our fence fabric is smoother and has a more even zinc coating than other types of fabric. There are no rough edges, burrs, or zinc globs that can injure children or tear clothing. And you won't find any "missed" spots where the wire overlaps that are prone to rust.


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Hampden Fence Supply, Inc.

Hampden Fence Supply, Inc. specializes in the manufacturer of Quality Fence Fittings for Chain Link Fencing. We provide hot dipped galvanized fittings to meet State and Federal Specifications. Our Cantilever Gate Rollers are one of the best in the industry covered by a 5 year limited warranty.


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