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July Issue

A Slice of Americana

A traditional white picket fence surrounds this picturesque and historic old structure on the coast of Maine. An American flag stands proud beside the Fishermen's Museum in New Harbor, Maine, near Bristol. The Fishermen's Museum is located at the end of State Route 130 at the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park. It was established in 1972 to collect and preserve historical data and artifacts related to the fishing industry in the Bristol area. The Museum serves as an information center for the tools, nets and boats used by local fishermen since the 1800's as they earned a hard and risky living on the sea. (©

2016 Fencer's Almanac

For the fourth time, The Fencer’s Almanac is available in convenient digital format, as well as in its traditional printed form. The Fencer’s Almanac is the No. 1 directory of suppliers of fence, gate and access control products.

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